How to Build a Community on Reddit and Get More Upvotes


Reddit is an online community platform that allows users to create subreddits, join existing subreddits, and post, and comment. It also has the capability of upvoting content as well as downvoting it. Building a community on Reddit can be a great way to increase your brand’s reach or even just for fun. But how do you go about this? How do you get more upvotes? Here are some tips for building a successful subreddit and increasing your Reddit upvote count:

1. Have an Engaging Title

The first step in getting more upvotes is having an engaging title that catches your attention. A good title should give readers an idea of what they will find when they click through. Additionally, ensure the title accurately reflects the content so people don’t get duped into reading something different than expected.

2. Use Quality Images

Images are key to capturing attention quickly and holding it long enough to read your post or article. Ensure any images used are high quality and relevant to the topic. You want people to be able to look at the image and immediately understand what your post is about without having to read anything else (although reading is encouraged!).

3. Write Quality Content

When creating content for your subreddit, ensure it is informative, entertaining, or both! This means no fluff – stick only with the relevant information instead of throwing in superfluous words just because they fill space; readers can tell if you’re not being genuine with them. The more helpful or interesting information included in a post, the better chance it has of receiving more upvotes from other users who appreciate its value!

4. Utilize Keywords

Using keywords within posts can help get them seen by others who may have searched for those terms previously or related topics recently discussed on Reddit itself; this increases visibility, leading to increased engagement with posts and hopefully more upvotes too! Aim for two-to-three keyword phrases per post to maximize their effectiveness while keeping things natural rather than forced or overdone (which could result in decreased engagement).

5. Participate In Existing Threads & Communities

In addition to creating new threads or posts, participating in existing ones can also help build relationships with other users who may eventually become part of your subreddit community (or at least vote positively on future content). This includes commenting thoughtfully on topics being discussed as well as asking questions–the same rules apply here as they do when writing original content: keep it genuine and avoid over-stuffing keywords unnecessarily!

6. Promote Your Subreddit On Other Platforms

Another great way to increase visibility–and thus potential upvotes–is by promoting your subreddit outside of Reddit itself via social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. This gives you access to non-Reddit audiences who may not know about you yet and encourages cross-platform engagement which translates into increased traffic back on-site where actual voting can take place!

7. Create Original Visuals To Accompany Posts/Threads

Alongside quality written words, visuals can also be extremely effective tools for quickly grabbing the attention and interest of viewers who might not otherwise have looked twice at text alone; this could include memes specifically tailored to Reddit discussion topics, or simply beautiful photographs that relate directly to thematic elements within the thread/post itself. what works best depends entirely on the situation, though, so experiment until you get the results you want!

8. Encourage others to participate by asking questions & acknowledging contributions

Participation is key to building any online community – but especially one centered around Reddit activity, where votes mean everything! Encourage discourse by regularly asking open-ended questions during conversations that take place within the threads/posts themselves; also show appreciation whenever possible by graciously responding (if appropriate) when someone posts a response/comment that is directly related to the topics being discussed! Doing these small gestures helps to foster loyalty amongst members, which further solidifies the collective base support needed to succeed in the long term, whilst simultaneously driving higher levels of user interaction overall, potentially leading to greater numbers of the ultimate reward we all seek upvotes!!!

Following these tips should help anyone build a strong community on Reddit and gain more upvotes for their content over time; remember though, success doesn’t come overnight, so be patient and consistent as you work towards your desired results – good luck 😊!