A Full Service Moving Company Can Make A New York To Miami Move Stress Free

Although moving alone is often a stressful enough change as it is, relocating from the year long winters of New York to the tropical atmosphere of Florida can be quite a taxing change to make. If you are planning on moving from New York to Miami, you’d be doing yourself a favor by letting a […]

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The Financial Considerations of Buying a Tiny House

The tiny house movement is all the rage these days. With their minimalistic designs, these tiny houses offer a simplified lifestyle to adults. One reason for their popularity is rising student loan debts. Because they are cheaper than traditional houses, they give people more financial freedom.

Downsizing your living accommodation is eco-friendly as well. On the other hand, we have traditional homes that are more expensive, but you get more space and amenities here. Considering these factors, it is a daunting task to choose the right one for you. This is why we are here with all the relevant details related to the expenses that you will come across as you buy a new house.

Buying a House

On average, a tiny house costs around $300 per square foot. In contrast, a traditional house costs only $150 per square foot, depending on the location and other factors. You can decide on your budget initially based on this. After that, you need to consider all the factors that will increase or decrease the overall cost.

Start with the number of hours and the type of foundation you select. A house on wheels will be cheaper. The type of material you use, as well as the amenities you include, will have an impact on the overall cost. Besides that, you will also have to pay for the permit and taxes. Since these tiny houses are highly customisable, you will have more control over the final costs.

Most tiny houses are custom-built, so it will take a lot of time for you to finalise anything. On top of that, you might spend some more money on redesigning some things according to your requirements. This is true for traditional homes as well. At the end of the day, ensure that you have some extra budget for all the renovations that will make your house prettier.

Building a Tiny House

Building a tiny house will be the most affordable option for you. However, it will take a lot of effort and time, so keep this in mind if you decide on this option. Traditional houses are expensive as you will have to pay for permits, building materials, and several other things throughout the process. Choosing wheels over foundations can significantly reduce building costs.

This is also an excellent option if you wish to save time. You can build the tiny home on your own, which can be fun and challenging. However, traditional houses are not that easy when it comes to construction. If you don’t have any experience in this space, then it is better to leave it to the experts. However, you can invest some of your time in research and get the most affordable materials to reduce the overall cost. You can also help with basic things like cleaning and garden renovation, which are more manageable.

Unforeseen Expenses

In addition to the basic expenses, building costs, purchasing land, permits, and taxes, you may come across hidden expenses. Depending on your location, you might have to consider zoning laws. For instance, building your tiny house on your friend or family member’s land is illegal in some regions.

Basic utilities are essential for any type of house. You may have to contact the local authorities for water and electricity. For off-grid locations, installing a septic tank and solar panel is necessary. In traditional houses, it is easy for the owners to connect with the authorities for these utilities.

You must also order custom furniture for a tiny house that can fit inside easily. While this is entirely optional in a traditional home, you can reuse your furniture and easily buy it from a thrift store for cheap.

Storage is one of the significant issues with tiny houses. You may have to pay for a storage unit where you can store all the extra stuff. Traditional homes with attics offer enough storage. Moreover, insurance for a tiny house can be expensive, and only a few insurance providers offer it.

Over time, the overall value of tiny houses will depreciate as these houses come into a niche market. On the other hand, the value of traditional homes increases over time. This is why it can get difficult for you to sell your tiny house. On, you can find some of the most effective ways to help you avoid all these unnecessary expenses that will help you save money in the long run.

Final Words

Despite all the benefits, tiny houses are not everyone’s cup of tea. These houses are not that easy to build, despite their smaller size. Even if you are ready to take the leap of faith in these houses, make sure that you consider all the pros and cons of this lifestyle. On the other hand, traditional houses are more expensive, yet they offer better amenities and several other benefits

A Few Easy To Start Home Based Business Ideas

Just run a search for ‘Home Based Business Ideas’ and you would end with list of results that would be much longer than what you could go through. You just need to figure out which home based business will best suit you and what you would like to do. I will help you with a few ideas on how to get started with such businesses.

1) eBay Store

You could set up your own eBay store, it is quite easy to start one. But the toughest part is to decide what products to sell on the store. There are a few ways in which you could get products that you want to sell. One you could buy things from local stores or from other people and then put it for sale on eBay. The second way is to find a drop ship company on the internet whop will let you sell their products for them, they will ship the product and collect the money and then they will pay you a commission. The third way would be to buy the products in wholesale and then sell them, this way you save money in the process because you buy products in wholesale.

2) Freelance Writing

If you love writing then this is the most perfect job for you. To find this run searches on the internet for a job you would want to do. Finding a perfect job is really difficult and it will take you quite sometime to establish yourself as a freelance writer. The best way to start establishing yourself is to by start writing articles, blogs and content for websites of people who can’t write well.

3) Affiliate Programs

This is another way to start your own business. All you have to do here is to find a company or person who wants to sell a product on the internet and then sell the product for them. For this you would have to sign up into an affiliate account for absolutely no money. Then the company with which you sign up will provide you with a website and many different tools that will help to start the business right away.

4) Web Designing

if you love web designing or if you are a web designer then this is a perfect job for you. For starters it is going to take sometime to learn web designing. But once you know web designing then you could easily find people for whom you could design websites but if you are well versed in this art then there would be no trouble finding clients.

5) Homemade Crafts

If you are a person who makes your own jewelry, gift baskets, candy or candles. Then you have a great option you could start your very own website where you could sell these products and make money. If you don’t want to waste to much money on starting a website then you could open a store at eBay and still sell your product.

These are just 5 common home based businesses with which you could get started with. But you need not stick only to them there are also loads of other ideas out there; all you need to do is just look out for them. And remember only to take up a business you have a liking towards, this increases the chances for success in the business.

8 Ways To Promote Your Online Home Business Off Of The Internet

Have you ever heard of and their offer to give you 250 free business cards. Many people have taken them up on this offer because they know that there is a market for their online home business with people who do not hang out online that much.

Here are 8 ways you can promote your online home business off of the internet.

1. Let your fingers do the walking. Believe it or not people still use the yellow pages. If you can get a favorable rate use your space to promote your website.

2. Take a display or classified newspaper ads. For example, is a great place to run classified ads in small papers all over the United States. You can dominate your local market if you live in a rural area because people do read their local paper.

3. How about t-shirts with your website address on them. Also pens and stationary, bumper stickers, and magnets. Give this stuff away freely. You can really get a lot of goodwill from handouts like this and you never know where that will lead in terms of new business.

4. Buy leads. If you have a home business opportunity you can buy leads and do telemarketing. This is not for everyone, but what makes it so effective is very few people actually call the leads they buy, so you have little competition. Check out

5. Coupon books are a way to get your website out to several thousand people for a few hundred dollars. If you have a coupon containing a deadline you stand a better chance of getting immediate action from your reader.

6. Cutting Edge Media can also get you some great deals in home biz magazines if you have a business opportunity you would like to promote. If you have a group going you may want to consider starting your own ad co-op to spread the cost around a little.

7. I would take a referral over any other type of advertising because most of the selling is already done. Nothing beats word of mouth advertising.

8. Oh yeah, has 250 free business cards you can put your website address on them.

This is 8 ideas to promote your online home business and do it off of the internet. Remember that everyone is a prospect for your business and you just want them to know how to find you online.

5 Killer Internet Home Business Ideas To Stand Out From The Crowd

The key to the home internet business success is the uniqueness, the different offer. This is the requirement to be able to build up our brands.

I have an idea that the only way to uniqueness is to put myself into fire, to set myself into the trousers of the standard site visitor and to try to think and feel as he does. I strongly believe that the secret is in the way how I and we all think.

1. Think By Feelings

People just do not make their decisions by cool rational determination. They use their feelings, their first impressions, their excitement. Afterwards they often explain their choices rationally as if they had used computers and calculators under the decision making process.

People also appreciate very much, when they see that an entrepreneur has set himself into fire and really tries to serve his internet business prospects and customers.

Now you start to get a picture how I see the difference building: we are the difference. We are unique items everybody. No one can copy my writing style ( of course he can copy my article ).

The difference is some kind of the combination of our personal style, the brand image and the emotions, which a site visitor has at a certain moment.

This is called want marketing. So people buy what they want and not what they need. Especially when we speak relatively cheap internet business products, with the price from $ 20 – 50.

2.Think Wants, Not Search Engine Optimization

Okay, if you have decided to drive a huge amount of traffic to your home internet business site, using search engine optimization, thats okay.

But if this target leads to the situation, when your content is filled with terrible, long tail keywords, the SEO target is an error. You should rather write to the reader using persuasive writing style.

3.Think Memories, Not Sales Pitches.

Animals, as far as I know, cannot think anything but this very moment. But think how much people appreciate good memories. They take pictures about their friends and children and watch them several times afterwards.Good memories are very valuable to the people

Think about your visit to some site. Even if you have left it after a short surfing, you will come back, if your memories are positive. Then you will remember it.

The real home internet business marketing, the kind that creates residual customers and customer relationships, is not about coupons, sale promotions, or deep discounts; it’s about building memories.

4. Think Storytelling, Not Hard Selling

Have you heard the story about Bill Clinton, who met a nice new secretary in the White House and…

We all love stories and those who market internet business products must use stories instead of hard sales pitches. No-one wants to be an object of the salespitch. But there is nothing wrong with the storytelling.

To-day we have multimedia Net possibilities and we can tell stories by delivering audio and video presentations, which capture the imagination and take home the online business ideas, so our audience will not forget it.

The good stories are memories, which people remember, because they keep them in their feelings. Nothing informs, engages, and excites, like a good story.

5.Think Focus, Not Confusion

When we market our home internet business ideas, we must have a clear promise to our site visitor, which tells in a second, what we have to offer. How we want to satisfy his wants.

Trouble is that so many try to tell everything about his home business ideas, that he confuses the visitor totally.

A clear focus, or promise, is a great customer service, because it helps the visitor to form a picture about the site.

7 Reasons Why Most Workplace Violence Plans Are Flawed From The Beginning

Like many policies, procedures, and programs designed and implemented in the corporate environment, workplace violence plans are typically designed by individuals, groups, or committees with absolutely no knowledge, understanding, or background in handling violence or aggression. And, as any self-protection expert, police officer, or soldier will tell you…

…what seems logical, rational, and sounds like it should work in a planning session, is usually exactly the opposite when the brown stuff is hitting the fan!

Here are 7 reasons why most workplace violence action plans are all-but worthless, especially when actual violence is occurring.

1. The individual or group charged with creating the plan has no background in the subject of effectively dealing with violence and aggression. As a result, their plan includes ineffective training or, worse yet, no training at all!

2. Everyone assumes that irrational and violent people can be rationed with.

3. Plans and policies like this are often nothing more than feel-good, cover-our-butt maneuvers designed to garner a promotion, a feather in someone’s cap, or as a company’s PR move.

4. Everyone’s focus is on prevention and not on troubleshooting. As a result, attention is placed on the prevention at the front-end and the reporting and disciplinary procedures at the back-end – leaving a huge hole in the middle!

5. Consultants are hired based on their own company size and prestige, rather than their background in dealing with danger and violence

6. Plans are limited to passive elements like banned weapons lists, zero-tolerance statements, and reporting policies, and totally avoid physical response in the case of an incident that was beyond prevention, and…

7. Workplace violence plans, like many elements of the business world, are governed and limited by budgets… until it’s too late!

The good news is that, for most companies, your workplace violence plan doesn’t need to be scrapped. Chances are, it just needs to be completed. And once it has the necessary elements to balance it out, you will really have what you set out to have in the first place – a “liability-control” device.

While it may seem to be cheaper and more cost-effective to only focus on what everyone else is doing, it’s not everyone else’s business we’re talking about – it’s yours! And the cost, financially and otherwise, that can result from a workplace violence incident, can devastate a company. Sometimes for permanently.

A Full Service Moving Company Can Make A New York To Miami Move Stress Free

Although moving alone is often a stressful enough change as it is, relocating from the year long winters of New York to the tropical atmosphere of Florida can be quite a taxing change to make.

If you are planning on moving from New York to Miami, you’d be doing yourself a favor by letting a full service moving company help. A full service moving company has so many options that you can pick and choose from, so you can set up a moving package that will best benefit your individual moving needs.

The biggest reason a person who is planning a move from New York to Miami would opt for the DIY moving option is the common misconception that by doing so, you are saving yourself a lot of money. Surprisingly, this is very untrue!

Even if you really dont mind packing everything you own and loading it into a truck yourself, a moving truck rental company can be very expensive. The rates may sound low at first glance, but a moving truck rental rate charges based on several things.

The moving truck rental rate begins at a flat rate(that is per truck, based on size). The larger your shipment size, the larger of a truck size you will need, and the larger the flat rate. This could be an affordable sounding rate. Once you have picked out the truck size, that rate goes up based on how many days you will need the truck, and continue to increase based on mileage. Though most moving truck rental companies charge only 10 cents per mile, this can be very expensive when you are moving from New York to Miami.

Fuel is not considered in the rate for a moving truck rental, so you will pay out of your own pocket for all the gas needed, and there is often a fee if a moving truck is returned with less gas than when it was taken. So in the long run, renting a moving rental truck can be very expensive compared to a full service moving company who will include fuel in the transport rate.

Another way that a full service moving company can save you money is the insurance coverage option, which gives protection over your belongings. When you opt to do it yourself, you assume full responsibility over your shipment. If anything breaks, nothing will get replaced.

A full service moving company will save more than just money when you are moving to Miami from New York. The option to use a professional packing service will relieve the most stressful part of moving for you. The pain in the butt task of packing will be handled by an experienced team, who will also load all of your packages into your moving truck.

Full service moving companies have many various options that can save you time, money, and energy. A full service moving company will make the entire process of moving from New York to Miami stress free. Let them do your dirty work!

5 Easy Ways To Market Your Business

Marketing your business is the key to success, but many new entrepreneurs have no idea how to begin. They start on their business, develop their concept, and even build a website. Then comes the crunch, how to market their brand new business. It is not really so hard when you understand the basic principles of marketing.

One of the basic principles is to make sure you are promoting your business to the right market. Analyze your market well, understand exactly what websites they will go to, and which publications they are interested in. You will then know where to advertise. Do proper keyword research for your niche market and you will be able to submit to the search engines and do pay-per-click advertising like Google Awards.

Once you understand your market, you can then put some basic internet marketing to work for you. Here are 5 easy ways to market your business:

1. Search engine submission: optimize your website and submit it to the search engines. This will bring you many highly qualified visitors. They have been searching for your products and services so be warm and ready to buy visitors with high sales conversions.

2. Google Awards: Again, you will get much targeted visitors from a Google Awards campaign. It depends on your choosing well targeted keywords. Read the tutorials carefully and be sure that you understand click to sales conversions. You can have as many campaigns as you want. It is very important to keep a watchful eye on your campaigns.

3. Article distribution: This is the easiest and most cost effective way to bring good quality traffic to your site. You can have a set of articles written or write them yourself and then use them for article distribution. This promotion will accomplish 2 things. One will be bringing traffic to your site; they will either buy or subscribe to your newsletter. Secondly, you will build many back links to your site. These are very valuable as these links will help you increase your Page Rank with Google and get better placement in all the search engines.

4. Blogging: Blogging is a fun way to promote your business and again, it is either free or costs you very little. You can make a blog on; this is Google’s own blogging site so you will be crawled regularly by the Google bots. This means that when you link your blog to new content at your site, you can be included in the Google search engine in a matter of days. Remember to keep your blogs short, interesting, and targeted to your niche market.

5. Joint Ventures: Many marketers have done very well with these free promotions. Basically this is how they work; you have a product, but your list is either very small or nonexistent. You contact publishers with big lists to sell your product for a commission. Of course you will need to sweeten the pot for these publishers when you write your proposal letter. You will also need to be sure that your product is highly desirable for their subscribers.

A Few Facts About Debt Consolidation Mortgage Refinance

Home owners in bad debt situation need to consider debt consolidation mortgage refinance as one of the options available to bail them out. You are in a bad debt situation if you have several unpaid bills, outstanding credit card dues that have hefty late payment penalties and your income does not allow you to meet even the minimum payments on most of them. Are your creditors getting impatient and showing it? If you are lucky enough to own a home you might want to learn more about debt consolidation mortgage refinance.

Mortgage Refinance

It can be tough when you have several debts to pay off each month and your income is forcing you to delay paying off some or most of your bills. Delay in pay backs can be expensive as they may have penalties or high interest rates that see to it that you get trapped deeper in debt. When you opt for debt consolidation mortgage refinance you consolidate all your outstanding dues into one debt. You can work out a loan that is more affordable on account of lower interest rates and easier EMIs, with tenures ranging from 5-15 years. You get to pay off high interest debt and can forget about dealing with the many creditors. The interest you pay towards the loan is tax deductible and your credit score improves as you can easily make repayments. If you have built equity you can use the extra cash to pay off some of the dues or use it to make improvements on your home which will further add to its equity.

You can choose to obtain the loan from the creditor who granted you the first mortgage or can secure it from another financial institution. Be sure to consider the type of interest rate offered, fixed or variable and check out what fees are associated with such loans. It always pays to make informed decisions instead of rushing to the first firm that you come across offering debt consolidation services. You will also benefit by having a conversation with a debt consolidation expert. You can also do some investigation yourself by getting online and applying for free quotes from a few reliable firms.

Debt can be bad but when you take the right decisions at the right time you will find that dealing with bad debt is not that difficult a task. If you have refinanced your mortgage based on your needs, you will find that making the monthly payout is no longer unaffordable instead you are able to pay off the debt, improve your credit score and get to keep your home and dignity intact.

5 Reasons most Time Management Systems Fail And How You Can Move From Frenzy To Freedom

We’re all feeling pressured these days. We’re making do with less. We’re on call 24/7 Our email inboxes are overflowing

So – no surprise – we’re getting bombarded with guides to manage our time more efficiently. Visit any bookstore and you will find dozens (maybe hundreds) of titles with “time” in the title. Surf the Internet for “coach” and you’ll soon learn the truth: more people hire coaches for time management than for any other reason.

So why are so many of us still feeling frazzled and frustrated? Most time systems offer band-aid solutions to the life equivalent of a broken leg…or patching a flat tire with chewing gum. For real time management change, you have to dig deeper. Here are 10 reasons most time management systems fail — and what you can do instead.

(1)”One-size fits all” systems

Your life is unique – so why should your time management system be like everybody else’s? For example, one “expert” advises all her clients to focus on marketing during the day. Gym and grocery-shopping should be reserved for evening, she says. But some people actually work better in short bursts of purposeful activity. They thrive on interruptions. Others need a solid block of time or they accomplish nothing. Which are you?

(2) Ignoring your motivation

Does this scene sound familiar? You visit friends who have teenagers. After dinner the teens are supposed to take out the garbage. “We’re too tired,” they protest. “Can’t it wait till tomorrow?”

The parents almost give in…till the phone rings. After a brief conversation, the teens are headed out the door: “A party! Just a few blocks away – let’s run!”

We haven’t changed much, whether we’re 14 or 64. When we’re highly motivated, action seems effortless. Somehow we manage to get everything done.

(3) Waiting to reward yourself till you’ve “earned” it

Experienced trainers and psychologists recognize that offering an unexpected treat can be a powerful motivator. Feeling deprived and resentful will be counter-productive. Often when you’ve been working hard to solve a knotty problem, the solution will come only when you allow yourself to take a break.

(4) Focusing on task instead of purpose

Time management systems often focus on scheduling and organizing tasks into charts, folders and lists. But you take control over time when you ask, “Why is this item on my To Do List?” and, “Do I really need to do this?”

Over and over, I’ve heard people discover the big secret: Often when you ignore an incoming message or call, the problem resolves itself. And when you skip a meeting, the world doesn’t come to an end.

Of course, you have to be careful. You can’t ignore messages from clients (most of the time). If you work for a company, the decision to skip meetings can be hazardous to your career.

But I urge everyone to ask. “Pete” was supposed to send his department head a monthly report. He would need at least a day to compile the numbers. One day Pete forgot to send the report…until the middle of the next month. He realized he hadn’t gotten a follow-up warning or reminder. So next month, he deliberately ignored the report. Nobody noticed for the next year, and by then Pete had been promoted: he was known as a productive go-getter around the company.

(5) Listening to the critics

“Connie” was feeling depressed: her boss had labeled her “disorganized.” True, her desk was cluttered and she sometimes came back late from lunch. But Connie ran a complex department and she rarely missed a deadline.

Connie’s challenge was to talk to herself encouragingly. She can’t give in to calling herself “lazy” and she can’t afford to accept the “disorganized” label.

To take charge of time, begin with the way you talk to yourself. Name-calling and insults won’t help. Feeling strong and powerful is the first step to solving your own unique time challenges.

5 Reasons Why Multilevel Marketing Businesses Fail

Multi-level marketing businesses are a dime a dozen, but few last longer than a year. Many do not make it beyond the first few weeks of business life. Knowledge is a powerful tool in business of any kind, so what does the prolific failure of multi-level marketing businesses teach us about how to make an MLM business succeed?

Many multi-level marketing businesses fail because of a few common problems. Being aware of these potential pitfalls before beginning an MLM business can help your business succeed where others have failed.


A new multi-level marketing business owner needs a great deal of support, guidance and encouragement during the first few months of business ownership. Good multi-level marketing business owners take a personal interest in the success of their new recruits and plan to spend extra time with these fledglings to help ensure their success.

If a new multi-level marketing business owner does not get prompt and adequate attention by a more experienced team member in the upline, they may change their mind or lose their desire to work towards a productive business profit.


Fresh opt-in leads are the lifeblood to any multi-level marketing business. A failure to generate leads means certain failure for your business. Most new recruits are hesitant to approach their friends and family about their newfound business opportunity. If they are unable to generate a list of acquaintances or approach strangers about their business, there will be no sales.


If a multi-level marketing business’ system of promoting products or services is not easy to duplicate, the business is not likely to thrive. Not every person can become skilled enough at wining friends and influencing people to generate enough sales to make the business succeed. The main concept of an MLM business is to sign up more business owners who will in turn create their own succession of thriving businesses. This requires an easy to duplicate system.


Many new recruits are still on the fence about the legitimacy of a multi-level marketing business. They also battle a lack of confidence in their business, communication, leadership and sales skills. This lack of trust and confidence is often conveyed to potential customers and new recruits during business interactions. Large doses of educational materials may help overcome these fears if they are available early enough. Once the excitement of owning an MLM business wears off, new recruits may become bewildered and hopeless unless they receive a fresh direction for their energies. Providing them with concrete skills that they can feel confident about will help overcome this obstacle to success.


Making any business successful takes time. Many new business owners become impatient and frustrated at a lack of progress or slow growth. Dedication, persistence and patience are necessary for the success of any business, multi-level marketing or traditional.

Safeguarding against failure is a wise step when setting up your multi-level marketing business. Proactive planning and education are great tools that can help ensure your business’ success.