8 Ways To Promote Your Online Home Business Off Of The Internet

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Have you ever heard of VistaPrint.com and their offer to give you 250 free business cards. Many people have taken them up on this offer because they know that there is a market for their online home business with people who do not hang out online that much.

Here are 8 ways you can promote your online home business off of the internet.

1. Let your fingers do the walking. Believe it or not people still use the yellow pages. If you can get a favorable rate use your space to promote your website.

2. Take a display or classified newspaper ads. For example, Nationwideadvertising.com is a great place to run classified ads in small papers all over the United States. You can dominate your local market if you live in a rural area because people do read their local paper.

3. How about t-shirts with your website address on them. Also pens and stationary, bumper stickers, and magnets. Give this stuff away freely. You can really get a lot of goodwill from handouts like this and you never know where that will lead in terms of new business.

4. Buy leads. If you have a home business opportunity you can buy leads and do telemarketing. This is not for everyone, but what makes it so effective is very few people actually call the leads they buy, so you have little competition. Check out CuttingEdgeMedia.com

5. Coupon books are a way to get your website out to several thousand people for a few hundred dollars. If you have a coupon containing a deadline you stand a better chance of getting immediate action from your reader.

6. Cutting Edge Media can also get you some great deals in home biz magazines if you have a business opportunity you would like to promote. If you have a group going you may want to consider starting your own ad co-op to spread the cost around a little.

7. I would take a referral over any other type of advertising because most of the selling is already done. Nothing beats word of mouth advertising.

8. Oh yeah, VistaPrint.com has 250 free business cards you can put your website address on them.

This is 8 ideas to promote your online home business and do it off of the internet. Remember that everyone is a prospect for your business and you just want them to know how to find you online.