5 Killer Internet Home Business Ideas To Stand Out From The Crowd

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The key to the home internet business success is the uniqueness, the different offer. This is the requirement to be able to build up our brands.

I have an idea that the only way to uniqueness is to put myself into fire, to set myself into the trousers of the standard site visitor and to try to think and feel as he does. I strongly believe that the secret is in the way how I and we all think.

1. Think By Feelings

People just do not make their decisions by cool rational determination. They use their feelings, their first impressions, their excitement. Afterwards they often explain their choices rationally as if they had used computers and calculators under the decision making process.

People also appreciate very much, when they see that an entrepreneur has set himself into fire and really tries to serve his internet business prospects and customers.

Now you start to get a picture how I see the difference building: we are the difference. We are unique items everybody. No one can copy my writing style ( of course he can copy my article ).

The difference is some kind of the combination of our personal style, the brand image and the emotions, which a site visitor has at a certain moment.

This is called want marketing. So people buy what they want and not what they need. Especially when we speak relatively cheap internet business products, with the price from $ 20 – 50.

2.Think Wants, Not Search Engine Optimization

Okay, if you have decided to drive a huge amount of traffic to your home internet business site, using search engine optimization, thats okay.

But if this target leads to the situation, when your content is filled with terrible, long tail keywords, the SEO target is an error. You should rather write to the reader using persuasive writing style.

3.Think Memories, Not Sales Pitches.

Animals, as far as I know, cannot think anything but this very moment. But think how much people appreciate good memories. They take pictures about their friends and children and watch them several times afterwards.Good memories are very valuable to the people

Think about your visit to some site. Even if you have left it after a short surfing, you will come back, if your memories are positive. Then you will remember it.

The real home internet business marketing, the kind that creates residual customers and customer relationships, is not about coupons, sale promotions, or deep discounts; it’s about building memories.

4. Think Storytelling, Not Hard Selling

Have you heard the story about Bill Clinton, who met a nice new secretary in the White House and…

We all love stories and those who market internet business products must use stories instead of hard sales pitches. No-one wants to be an object of the salespitch. But there is nothing wrong with the storytelling.

To-day we have multimedia Net possibilities and we can tell stories by delivering audio and video presentations, which capture the imagination and take home the online business ideas, so our audience will not forget it.

The good stories are memories, which people remember, because they keep them in their feelings. Nothing informs, engages, and excites, like a good story.

5.Think Focus, Not Confusion

When we market our home internet business ideas, we must have a clear promise to our site visitor, which tells in a second, what we have to offer. How we want to satisfy his wants.

Trouble is that so many try to tell everything about his home business ideas, that he confuses the visitor totally.

A clear focus, or promise, is a great customer service, because it helps the visitor to form a picture about the site.